Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American prosperity

Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American prosperity

Oct 25, 2017

Published by the Coalition for a Prosperous America

Press Release –  October 25, 2017

By Michele Nash-Hoff

I am proud to announce the publication of Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American Prosperity by the Coalition for a Prosperous (CPA). I am currently Chair of our California chapter of CPA.

Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA, said, “”Michele has been instrumental in developing our California chapter and has spread the word about CPA’s issues and proposals in her Industry Week column. Her new book shows the adverse effect of offshoring and U. S. trade deficits on American manufacturing and highlights CPA’s proposals to eliminate the trade deficit and improve the business climate for American manufacturers with new trade and tax policies.”

In 2012, CPA published the second edition of Michele’s previous book, Can American Manufacturing be Saved? Why we should and how we can. My new book is based on my nearly 200 articles for my column on Industry Week’s website and my presentations on behalf of CPA and the Reshoring Initiative for the past five years.

My book describes the current state of American manufacturing, discusses what are the main threats to rebuilding American manufacturing and recommends what strategies, and analyzes how trade agreements have affected American manufacturing.

I discuss the role “reshoring” plays in rebuilding American manufacturing, what is currently being done to rebuild American manufacturing, shows how American innovation and advanced manufacturing contribute to rebuilding American manufacturing, and how we can solve the skills gap and attract the next generation of manufacturing workers.

The book provides case stories of how some American manufacturers are succeeding against global competition by developing innovative products and becoming Lean companies. It concludes with specific recommendations of strategies, policies, and actions that can be taken towards rebuilding the manufacturing industry in America.

Steve Minter, Sr. Editor, Industry Week, wrote, “Rebuild Manufacturing” represents the latest installment of Michele Nash-Hoff’s tireless efforts to promote the strengthening of U.S. manufacturing. The book demonstrates her encyclopedic knowledge of the problems that have beset manufacturing but, more importantly, presents manufacturers, policymakers and other readers with insightful recommendations for actions that will improve U.S. industrial competitiveness and the American economy.”

Den Black, President of the American Jobs Alliance, said, “Michele’s latest book is a “Master Work” and a must read for those who wish to know the UNVARNISHED FACTS concerning the impact of ‘Global Free Trade Agreements’ (FTA’s) upon America and American Workers over the last generation. Her book is loaded with Charts and References which portray a compelling story of the failure of the existing FTA’s, and why it is now necessary to return to an ‘Americans First’ Manufacturing Policy as opposed to an ‘Everyone Else First’ Policy.”

Harry Moser, founder & President of the Reshoring Initiative, wrote, “At a given level of demand there are only two ways to rebuild manufacturing: export more or import less. Importing less, reshoring, is much the easier to achieve. Michele has been an active and effective reshoring advocate, helping to launch the trend in 2010.”

Greg Autry, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California and co-author of Death by China, wrote, “Michele Nash-Hoff has long been the top spokeswoman for restoring American manufacturing and a fierce advocate for trade reform. Her informed opinion is critical to anyone wishing to understand the restoring movement and the seismic shift in American politics it has promulgated.”

I will be giving a presentation on my book at the Design2Part show at the San Diego Convention Center on Thursday, November 16th, at noon. For free registration, click here

Both the paperback and Kindle version are now available here on Amazon

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