How Manufacturing Cloud ERP Helps in Production

How Manufacturing Cloud ERP Helps in Production

Jul 14, 2016

By Futuresoft Academy of Learning

If you are a manufacturer, you must be familiar with those conversations with your friends in the manufacturing network, that relate to simplifying work related to supply chain, logistics, services and distribution. Your obsession with incorporating applications that will make your work easy and simple is understandable. You need to ensure that your process speeds are a competitive force among your business rivals. This continuous pressure to increase efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing cycle has made many forward thinking manufacturers to implement Cloud ERP systems.

How does a Manufacturing Cloud ERP ensure an Efficient Control on Production?

In a broader perspective, when a cloud ERP is implemented to streamline key processes of the business, manufacturers have more time to invest in strategic analysis into new products and processes. Here we, ERP training team at FutureSoft, have highlighted how this improves efficient control over production.


Using the Cloud ERP’s HR Management to build an Efficient Plant Floor

Factory/Plant Managers have the onus of ensuring a smooth operation in the production lifecycle. This is possible only if they are provided with the right tools – manpower, machinery and efficient processes. If one of them is missing, the plant floor will have a reduced efficiency. For example, having a qualified worker and the best machinery will not give the best output if the operational process being followed does not allow for optimization. Using the cloud ERP’s HR management system will be essential in such cases.

The HRM system will help the manager see the resources at his disposal and their qualification and skill set. Assigning the right person to work on the right machinery following the right process will ensure that quality product is manufactured and that the work gets completed in the right time safely.


Using Information to Make Faster & Better Decisions

One of the main advantages of a cloud based ERP is that it ensures that updated information is available at all times. All relevant information from the factory/plant will be recorded in the cloud and available to decision makers across geographies. Up to date information on inventory, quality, manpower, production, timelines, shipments, etc. are available to decision makers at the click of a button. Queries like below can be answered in a few clicks –

  • When will the shipment of new raw materials reach the factory?
  • Where is it currently?
  • In how many phases can the products be delivered to the customer?
  • Do we have enough resources to run another shift of production?
  • What is the status of the pending orders from various customers? Etc.

This allows for more informed decision making. Having real time information on decision making parameters like inventory, production, etc are vital while taking a decision related to Production control.


Using Improved Visibility for Efficient Control

Cloud ERP allows for all decision makers to view all the aspects of the manufacturing business. Operations Managers, IT Managers, Plant managers and others will be able to get a clear picture on where the business stands with respect to their domains. The only way to have complete control over production cycle and quality is through a clear visibility of the business. Improved visibility ensures control over preventative maintenance procedures and real-time monitoring of the resources. This ensures that the plant production is optimized.

The plant manager does not need to know the details of the marketing strategies being used. Neither does he need to know how much discount a particular customer gets. ERP facilitates easy-to-read customizable dashboards that deliver relevant information to the right users. If a plant manager wants to take a decision on starting the manufacture of a product in the next production cycle, he would like to have real-time details regarding availability of raw materials. Cloud ERP gives a quick access to real-time analysis and reports. This simplifies the decision making process and allows an efficient control mechanism over the production cycle.

Now that the cloud ERP has simplified your production control and saved you ample time, you may use this time to spend on strategizing for the growth of your manufacturing company.

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