Made in America – SmartProducts (CA)

Made in America – SmartProducts (CA)

Mar 16, 2015

Smart Products, Inc. is another preferred American supplier of contract manufacturing services you will find only at a Design-2-Part trade show at

Smart Products design and manufactures an extensive family of check and pressure relief valves, JACO Smart Fittings, liquid and air pumps, and related components.  Their products provide accurate, reliable flow control in advanced low pressure, low flow systems.

“People often ask, what makes your valves smart? The answer is the ability to take customizable components – plastic body material and o-ring and pair them with a precise opening pressure. This custom configuration coupled with a wide range of styles allows for over 3 million possible combinations to create an accurate and reliable low pressure, low flow check valve for a specific design criteria.

Ideal for liquid or gas applications, our valves are in every industry, economical, FDA & NSF compliant, corrosion resistant, as well as able to withstand operating temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 400°F, depending on materials specified. The thermoplastic materials used in these check valves provide improved corrosion resistance and make them a superior alternative to comparable metal valves.

The majority of our check valves incorporate a low inertia poppet design with double-tapered o-ring seats to achieve a fast, positive seal in ultra low pressure applications. Additionally, most of our check valves can also be used as pressure relief valves as long as the o-ring side vents to atmosphere.”

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