Defense Cuts Require Contractor Creativity

By: Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

A top Air Force leader say the possible defense cuts for the United States could actually help spur innovation.

Gen. Janet Wolfenbarger, commander of the Wright-Patterson headquartered Air Force Command, told the Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association that although the cuts could hurt business, they could also provide opportunities for contractors with good ideas, according to the Dayton Daily News.

The opportunity “to bring good ideas forward and have them get a fair sound hearing in a way that (in) some other environments we don’t get the opportunity to put those good ideas on the table as readily,” the paper quotes her as saying.

According to the paper, Wolfenbarger has three suggestions for contractors to cope with the possible 9.4% defense budget cuts in January: “more input when determining capability requirements; more ‘agility and flexibility’ within the system and dialog with industry to adjust rapidly to contract requirement changes; and staying within contract budget limits and technical standards.”

She also says execution is key.

“You will find that those programs that were canceled, substantially modified, or didn’t fare well in the president’s budget request would be those that are not executing well.”

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  1. Very true. It’s unlikely that their competitors are saying “our customer service stinks”, which would actually set them apart. What the client is trying to say is, “we actually follow through on our prm&;seso#8230;it&#8217is not just talk.” That’s why demonstrating trust and confidence through design, good copywriting, etc. is so important.

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