Record Number in Congress Support Manufacturing Policies

By: National Association of Manufacturers

Manufacturers recognize 296 members of congress for their support of pro-manufacturing policies

On October 2, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) announced that 248 members of the House of Representatives and 48 senators received the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence. This is a record year for the number of members who voted in support of pro-manufacturing policies and demonstrates the understanding from our policymakers how important manufacturing is to our economy. Unfortunately, gridlock prevented Congress from acting on the major reforms manufacturers need to turn around our economic slowdown.

“Manufacturing is front and center, and with more members of Congress than ever before supporting the manufacturing agenda, we have an opportunity to drive economic growth,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “The choice we face now is whether we continue down a path of uncertainty and risk falling in the fiscal abyss or pursue a thriving manufacturing economy that encourages investment and jobs here in the United States.”

These awards are based on members of Congress’s votes on key manufacturing legislation identified by the NAM in the 112th Congress. These included key votes on issues such as energy policy, taxes and regulations, among others. Each key vote was selected by the NAM’s Key Vote Advisory Committee, which is comprised of NAM member companies and associations.

Members of Congress are notified in advance when key votes are pending and why the key vote designation has been made. The NAM is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates. Voting records for all members of Congress and further details about NAM Key Manufacturing Votes are available here.

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